My Mission

The name 'HydroGenesis' derives from 'Hydro' which means water and 'Genesis' which means growth. Without optimum water, plants cannot grow to their full potential. Without optimum plant growth, plants cannot return abundant amounts of oxygen and hydrogen back into the Earth's atmosphere. 

I am dedicated to delivering client satisfaction with our wireless cloud-based moisture monitoring systems, irrigation advising and providing timely and effective irrigation schedules for the ag industry.

I strive to meet and exceed our clients' goals and expectations EVERY growing season.

With extensive knowledge and experience in irrigation management, agronomy and with long-standing relationships with growers throughout the entire Central Valley, I am the first resource for irrigation help.

My business is modeled on TRUST, and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE as well as maintaining the highest level of INTEGRITY in my work.


My Services

My services help conserve our most precious water resource mitigating groundwater overdraft by minimizing water waste, maximizing water use, improving efficiency and conservation so that plants can grow to their full potential, and make abundant returns into our food supply and environment.

I help growers irrigate crops with:

  1. Wireless cloud-based soil moisture monitoring systems

  2. Block-specific evapotranspiration & NDVI vegetation tracking

…that delivers:

  • precise and effective irrigations for growers

  • water and energy savings

  • a better understand of irrigation and soils

  • early detection and alleviation of crop stress

  • increased yield and production

If you’d like to know more, please DM or email me for more information on how I can help you! Consultations are always COMPLIMENTARY, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Crops I Specialize In:

I specialize in but am not limited to: #Almond, #Pistachio, #Citrus (All #orange varieties), #StoneFruit (#peaches & #nectarines) and #Grape (#raisin, #tablegrape & #winegrape). 

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About Me

-California Certified Crop Adviser (CCA # 377556) in Irrigation, Crop Management and Nutrition and 21 years of agronomic knowledge and experience (mentored under 40+ PCAs)
-Lifetime experience in agriculture: tree nut and fruit crops
-Lifetime experience in irrigation: microsprinkler and drip.
-Fluent bilingual in English and Spanish


Grower Testimonials:

“You’re the best Adviser I ever had”

“My crop looks amazing”

“Knowledgeable with experience”

“I give him a 10”

“Very organized and detailed”

“Tremendous help throughout the season, I couldn’t do it without you”

“I will continue to use this system next season” 


My Territory

My territory includes: Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare in the Central Valley.


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